A lace top is something delicate to wear, but at the same time so stylish. You can throw this with a long tulle skirt and you’ve got yourself the perfect wedding outfit, or you can throw on some jeans and have a super classy outfit for the day.

Either way, this top is super easy to do and the best part is that I will show you how to right now.


What you need to make this top are the following:

  • lace fabric
  • scissors
  • fabric marker
  • measuring tape
  • thread
  • a sewing machine.

I chose this fabric because I loved the shape and I knew I could create an amazing top with that.

The first thing you need to do is find yourself a pattern or make one yourself.You can find tons of simple t-shirt patterns online. (Unfortunately,I couldn’t find the exact one I used).

I folded my fabric and then placed the pattern over it, tracing a line with my fabric marker.

I made sure the pattern ended where I wanted the circle shape of the fabric (waist).

I did the same thing with the back of the shirt, then cut them out and sewed them.

The next thing I did was to cut out the sleeves.I also wanted them to get the same pattern so I placed them accordingly and cut them out.

I then sewed them together with the main pieces.

I then also cut out a 2 inches piece of fabric for the neckline and I sewed it on.

After the top was done,I tried it on and made the adjustments needed to fit me perfectly.

That’s it! Hope you’ll give it a try and love this top as much as I do!


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