Do you feel like your outfit could use a little bit of sparkle? This top is the best choice for you!

A sequin top is something so delicate to wear but at the same time very elegant.

The first step to making this top is to find the right fabric for you, I used this pink sequin one.

Next, you should find or create a pattern that will fit you.I created mine using a mannequin, but you can make yours using any t-shirt pattern on the internet.

After you do that, make sure to cut the pattern correctly on the fold of the fabric, both for the front of the top and for the back.

Now, you need to sew those right sides together.

The last step is to hem the bottom, the sleeves, and the neckline.You can also add another strap of fabric when sewing a neckline, but since sequin is not the best fabric for that, I just hemmed mine by folding it on the inside and sewing.

And that’s it! Your top is done and you are ready to look fabulous!

P.S: I love styling this top with tulle skirts as well! 

 xx Lily

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